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Murder in Baldur’s Gate

During the Time of Troubles, the gods walked the world after being forced from the heavens by Ao, the overgod, in punishment for their arrogance. Bhaal, the Lord of Murder and god of assassins, was himself murdered during this time. Yet he had foreseen his demise. In preparation, Bhaal took mortal form and coupled with many mortal creatures, spreading his divine essence ever thinner as each child was born. After his death, the children of Bhaal the so-called Bhaalspawn grew up haunted by dreams of death and found themselves imbued with strange powers. Age had little effect upon them once they had grown to maturity, but as each Bhaalspawn was killed often by a sibling the divinity of Bhaal became more and more concentrated in his still-living sons and daughters.

One Bhaalspawn named Abdel Adrian resisted the murderous nature imparted to him by his father. When he grew to adulthood, he set out to right the wrongs committed by his siblings and those who sought to control the rebirth of Bhaal or tap that power. Many of his battles took place in or near Baldur’s Gate, and so the city became Adrian’s home of sorts, and its citizens looked to him as their hero. Adrian eventually settled down in the city, was inducted as a leader among its mercenary military, the Flaming Fist, and was elected a duke for life. Thanks to his divine heritage, Adrian has lived a long time, but so has his one remaining half- sibling, Viekang. He and Adrian met briefly many years ago when Viekang was a fretful ne’er-do-well. Decades of dodging assassinations and battling enterprising Bhaalspawn have honed Viekang’s murderous impulses to a razor’s edge. Now he has come to Baldur’s Gate
to end it all, one way or another. He has also brought along some friends: assassins and thugs who believe that Viekang will reward them after the murder of Abdel makes him a god.

Abdel believes that since he is the last Bhaalspawn alive (to the best of his knowledge) and Bhaal has not arisen, the god of murder is well and truly dead. He’s about to find out just how wrong he is. And the characters will have their bloody hands in these events, sowing the ground for Bhaal’s return with each enemy they kill.

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