Baldur’s Gate is a city on the verge of war a simmering stewpot of social tensions where even the smallest spark of unrest threatens to turn the city against itself. Walls cut Baldur’s Gate into three cities: The rich live atop the bluffs protected from the bourgeoisie clinging to the slopes by bar- riers that literally prevent the middle class from rising above their stations, and beyond the protection of the city’s walls its many outcasts live with no law but the daggers of thieves.

In this powder keg, an old threat flickers to new life. The plot of a murdered power is finally coming to fruition. Bhaal, god of assassins, will live again. And in the city that once thwarted his rebirth, three different people will unwittingly compete to herald his return.

Can the heroes keep the city from tearing itself apart? Can they prevent Bhaal from claiming the mind and soul of one of the city’s worst citizens? Or, as they battle their way to the top of the heap, will Bhaal’s favor fall upon one of the heroes?
Only one thing is certain: There will be blood.

Murder in Baldur's Gate

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